The Green Heart of Poringland


Justin Time  

The last match of the Summer League took place on Duffield lake.  The weather was set fair and although the fishing was slow to start with, all changed as the match progressed.  

Match organiser Alan Crabb landed the lakes celebrity fish, ‘Appleslice’, weighing in at 15lb 1oz.  Although it jetted him to the top of the Irene Gudgeon memorial series, it wasn’t sufficient to take the principal prize on the day which went to Justin Randall, previous winner of the Glenn Duffield memorial cup, who took the win with a haul of 28lb 14oz, which included four carp.  

Alan Crabb’s finished second with a total weight of 19lb 6oz, followed by Harry Harrison 15lb 12oz, Mick Morley 4lb 12oz, Trevor Radley 5oz.

Series referee Ryan Westgarth stated that these were the size of catches he was expecting from the start back in April but had not materialised until today.

Dave Gudgeon was on hand at the end of the match to present the trophies to the winner of the Summer League Mick Morley and the Irene Gudgeon Memorial Trophy to Alan Crabb. 

Alan Crabb, organiser of the league, said that it had been a huge success and enjoyed by all the participants.  Dates for the winter league are in the process of being set.  

Summer League

1st Mick Morley 27pts, 2nd Alan Crabb 25, 3rd Justin Randall 20, 4th Eric Peak 17, 5th Harry Harrison 15, 6th Mark Casto 8, 7th Trevor Radley 9.5, 8th Michael Blanchflower 2.5, 9th Brian Gladden 2  

Irene Gudgeon Memorial Trophy

The winner was Alan Crabb 53lb 13oz, followed by Justin Randall 38lb 14oz,Mick Morley 37lb 12oz, Mark Casto 30lb 7oz, Harry Harrison 24b 4oz, Eric Peak 19lb 4oz, Trevor Radley 5lb 10oz, Michael Blanchflower 1lb 0oz, Brian Gladden 6oz  

Maiden Victory for Match Organiser

Match organiser Alan Crabb took his maiden victory in the five match summer league series with a convincing win on Saturday.  Combining a mixed bag of carp and quality bream, Alan weighed in a respectable 21lb 8oz haul.

Runner-up was ever consistent Mick Morley with a tally of 12lb 11oz.  It could have been a very different story had Mick managed to net a couple of the big carp he hooked but subsequently lost.  

Third place went to Pakefield-based Eric Peak with 6lb 15oz comprising mainly skimmers and small roach.  

Another solid performance by Mick Morley has established him as the clear favourite to land the inaugural Summer League title with just one match to go.  

In contrast, competition for the newly introduced Irene Gudgeon Memorial Shield couldn’t be tighter.  Just seven ounces separate the two leaders with the third placed man just three pounds adrift.  

Alan Crabb’s 21 pound plus bag saw him leap-frog Mark Casto to top the leaderboard, closely followed by Mick Morley and Mark himself.  

So it’s all the play for when the top three line up for the fifth and final match on Saturday 3 September.  However, the chase to be the first name on the Irene Gudgeon Shield may still have a final twist, especially if Eric Peak can repeat the form his has shown in pleasure sessions where he has notched over 60lb of fish.  

Match Four Result 

Alan Crabb 21lb 8oz, Mick Morley 12lb 11oz, Eric Peak 6lb 15oz, Trevor Radley 3lb 5oz, Justin Randall 3lb 5oz, Harry Harrison 5oz, Brian Gladden 4oz 

Summer League Grand Prix

Mick Morley 25pts, Alan Crabb 21, Eric Peak 17, Justin Randall 14, Harry Harrison 12, Mark Casto 8, Trevor Radley 7.5, Michael Blanchflower 2.5, Brian Gladden 2  

Irene Gudgeon Memorial Trophy Standings 

Alan Crabb 33lb 7oz, Mick Morley 33lb 0oz, Mark Casto 30lb 7oz, , Eric Peak 19lb 4oz, Justin Randall 10lb 0oz, Harry Harrison 8b 8oz, Trevor Radley 5lb 5oz, Michael Blanchflower 1lb 0oz, Brian Gladden 6oz   

Last Minute Victory

The third match day was held on Ray Noble Lake, with pleasant weather conditions for a change. Six competitors took part with the addition of new participant Brian Gladden.  

Fishing was again slow with the majority of fish caught being small roach and skimmers, although a few carp were landed and for one it tipped the result in his favour.  

Local match man Mick Morley hooked into one at the last minute which, when landed, tipped the scales at 3lb 9oz which took him to the overall winning weight of 9lb. 

Second with 8lb 10oz was one of the lakes' fishing coaches Eric Peak, with third place going to Alan Crabb with a weight of 6lb followed by Harry Harrison with 1lb 14oz, Justin Randall 1lb 1oz, and Brian Gladden 2ozs.  

Having won two of the three matches held so far, veteran Mick Morley has a comfortable lead in the Summer League standings.  The latest positions are as follows:

Mick Morley 19pts, Alan Crabb 13, Eric Peak 12, Justin Randall 10.5, Harry Harrison 10, Mark Casto 8, Trevor Radley 4, Michael Blanchflower 2.5, Brian Gladden 1

Mick Morley Shines in Match Two  

Veteran matchman Mick Morley put the disappointment of the opening round behind him to win the second match in the five match series at Poringland Lakes earlier today.  

The East Anglian piscatorial topped the weights with 8lb 11oz on another difficult day,  comfortably finishing ahead of match novice Harry Harrison (6lb 3ozs) and Angling Trust coach Eric Peak on 2lb 14oz.  

Most of the field struggled to catch on a brilliantly sunny day but Morley put his knowledge of the Glenn Duffield memorial lake to best advantage, a 4lb 13oz carp helping to boost his final tally.  

Biggest fish of the day went to Harry Harrison with a 5lb plus carp which was good enough to give him second place.


Mick Morley 8lb 11oz, Harry Harrison 6lb 3oz, Eric Peak 2lb 14oz, Alan Crabb 1lb10oz, Michael Blanchflower 1lb 0oz, Justin Randall 1lb 0oz, Trevor Radley 7oz  

Morley on Pole  

Mick Morley’s success this afternoon jetted him to the top of the grand prix ladder.  After two of the five match series, Morley added to his fourth place in the opening round to build a comfortable lead ahead of the third match which takes place on Saturday 2 July.  

There is a real scrap for the minor placings, just two points separating the next five anglers.  

The current standings after two rounds are: Mick Morley 12 points, Alan Crabb 9, Justin Randall 8.5, Mark Casto 8, Harry Harrison 7, Eric Peak 7, Trevor Radley 4, Michael Blanchflower 2.5 

Match Fishing Series Launched  

Despite the modest attendance and surprisingly low weights, the PCFLA have agreed to stage a further four matches on the first Saturday in each month, ie on Saturday 4 June, Saturday 2 July, Saturday 6 August and Saturday 3 September. 

As before, these matches will be restricted to season ticket holders only and their invited guests. 

“This is an ideal opportunity for those who haven’t fished a match before to have a go in a relaxed atmosphere amongst friends” said organiser Alan Crabb. 

If you would like to compete in any of these matches or want further information about the events, please contact Alan on 01508 538406 or email him at alanashley60@yahoo.co.uk. 

It is also planned to hold a grand prix style event aggregating positions gained in all five matches with a bonus point for each round winner.  Points will vary depending on the entry, for example as the winner of the first round when seven people fished will get seven points plus a bonus point for winning, the second will get six points, the third five and so on.  If ten people fished, the winner would get ten points plus a bonus point, the second nine, third eight etc. 

The series positions after one match are:

Mark Casto 8 points, Justin Randall 6, Alan Crabb 5, Mick Morley 4, Trevor Radley 3, Eric Peak 2, Harry Harrison 1 

Casto Masterclass  

Angling Trust level two coach Mark Casto proved what a fine fisherman he is as he totally dominated the inaugural Glenn Duffield memorial trophy at Poringland Lakes earlier today.

The Beccles based angler (pictured above), competing as a guest, took an early lead and steadily built up an impressive net of quality carp and bream to land the cash prize with an impressive 30 lbs 7ozs.  Mark also netted the biggest fish 7lb 8 oz common supplemented by a 3lb 7oz bream.  

Second place went to match novice Justin Randall.  Fishing in his first ever match, Justin netted 4lbs 10oz.  The somewhat modest haul earned Justin the Glenn Duffield memorial cup, presented to the highest placed season ticket holder.  Justin, one of just two anglers using traditional rod and line instead of the conventional match pole, caught all his fish on double maggot.

One of the pre-match favourites, Alan Crabb, couldn’t contain his delight (pictured above) as he drew his favourite peg, in the corner next to the black relief pipe.  Amazingly, Alan struggled in the early stages and it took him over three hours before he landed his first fish.  Using all his experience, Alan did manage to catch decent tench which made up most of his 4lb 4oz tally,  good enough for third overall. 

Interestingly the top three were all fishing adjacent pegs below the north bank.

The Glenn Duffield memorial trophy for the highest placed season ticket holder was presented by Glenn’s sister Lynn Cooper.

Although everyone caught, conditions were far from ideal.  A cloudless sky, bright sun and temperatures in the mid-Twenties made for pleasant conditions for the anglers but left the fish sluggish and far from hungry.   

Still as one angler pointed out “It just took one good sized carp and the result could have been very different.”  

Organiser Alan Crabb was delighted with the match, the first to be held at Poringland Lakes for over a decade.  “Although we only had seven entries and we didn’t get the weights we all expected,  the match was fished in a good spirit and the weather was wonderful.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it so we hope the trustees will agree to hold one match a month during the summer” he added.  


Mark Casto 30lb 7oz Justin Randall 4lb 10oz Alan Crabb 4lb 4oz Mick Morley 2lb 10z Trevor Radley 1lb 9oz Eric Peak 13oz Chris ‘Harry’ Harrison 0lb 2oz