The Green Heart of Poringland


Crabb Wins but Peak Takes the Spoils 

The last of the six match Summer League series resulted in a back-to-back victory for organiser Alan Crabb. 

Skilfully switching between the pole and the feeder, the Rockland rod returned a bag of 14lb 4oz, predominantly carp, his best result of the series.

But while Crabb snatched the bragging rights, the glory and trophies went to Pakefield veteran Eric Peak.  The Angling Trust coach has been in consistent form all series and his catch of 8lb 14oz saw him take the honours in both the points and weights competitions. 

Key to his success came in match three when he bagged the best return of the whole series, his net of 20lb 13oz seeing him put over ten pounds between him and his nearest rivals. 

Surprisingly the expected challenge from Winter League champion Mick Morley failed to materialise as the Mundham angler could only manage a disappointing 6lb 7oz which saw him finish well down the order in fifth spot. 

Competition for the last rostrum place was keenly contested, just four ounces separating Trevor Radley (third), Liam Crowley (fourth) and Mick Morley (fifth) as Radley and Crowley both notched their best result of the series with 6lb 11oz and 6lb 10oz respectively. 

While Alan Crabb was scoring back-to-back victories at the top of the league ladder, on the bottom rung luckless John Hodgson returned just one ounce for the second successive match, meaning that in ten hours of fishing he only managed to catch two ounces. 

Summer now gives way to autumn and the six match Winter League which takes place on the first Saturday between October and March. 

Summer League Match Six

Alan Crabb 14lb 4oz, Eric Peak 8lb 14 oz, Trevor Radley 6lb 11oz, Liam Crowley 6lb 10oz, Mick Morley 6lb 7oz, Justin Randall 11oz, Frank Whiting 11oz, John Hodgson 1oz 

Summer League Grand Prix

Eric Peak 41 points, Alan Crabb 36, Mick Morley 34, Justin Randall 26.5, Bob Bailey 17, Danny Morley 14, John Hodgson 13, Trevor Radley 11.5, Liam Crowley 10.5, Frank Whiting 2.5 

Irene Duffield Memorial Shield (aggregate weights)

Eric Peak 59lb 4oz, Alan Crabb 42lb 10oz, Mick Morley, 39lb 15oz, Justin Randall 22lb 0oz, Bob Bailey 15lb 2oz, Liam Crowley 11lb 4oz, Danny Morley 10lb 8oz, Trevor Radley 7lb 15oz, John Hodgson 3lb 15oz, Frank Whiting 11oz 

Victory for Crabb in Match Five 

The fifth in the six match Summer League series saw a first win for organiser Alan Crabb in a closely fought match, just two pounds separating the top three. 

Justin Randall enjoyed another good day finishing in second spot, a mere two ounces ahead of series leader Eric Peak who worked hard in difficult conditions to net 8lb 11oz which increased the daylight between him and defending champion Mick Morley in the chase for the Irene Gudgeon Memorial for top aggregate weight. 

The Pakefield veteran now has a handsome; some would say unassailable, lead over Mick Morley, extending the gap by over 16lb which makes him odds-on favourite to take the shield after the final round in September. 

However, competition for the Summer League trophy is fiercer with just four grand prix points separating Eric Peak (34) and Mick Morley (30).  The smart money must be on Peak but if Morley could win the final match and earn the winner’s bonus point, he could well snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. 

All in all it’s building up to a great final match. 

Summer League Match Five

Alan Crabb 10lb 4oz, Justin Randall 8lb 13oz, Eric Peak 8lb 11oz, Mick Morley 5lb 5oz, Liam Crowley 4lb 8oz, Bob Bailey 1lb 12oz, Trevor Radley 1lb 2oz, John Hodgson 1oz 

Summer League Grand Prix Standings

Eric Peak 34 points, Mick Morley 30, Alan Crabb 27, Justin Randall 24, Bob Bailey 17, Danny Morley 14, John Hodgson 12, Liam Crowley 5.5, Trevor Radey 5.5 

Irene Gudgeon Memorial Aggregate Weights

Eric Peak 50lb 6oz, Mick Morley 33lb 8oz, Alan Crabb 27lb 11oz, Justin Randall 21lb 5oz, Bob Bailey 15lb 2oz, Danny Morley 10lb 8oz, John Hodgson 3lb 14oz, Liam Crowley 4lb 10oz, Trevor Radley 1lb 4oz 

Peak Adds Distance

Summer League leader Eric Peak put more distance between himself and defending champion Mick Morley after another impressive performance in testing conditions on Noble Lake. 

Strong sunshine and a cloudless sky didn’t aid the quest for bites and several anglers lost fish in the intrusive weed but Peak made light of the conditions.  Catching steadily throughout the five hour session, the level one coach from Pakefield returned a bag of exactly 14 lbs.  A good sized fish lost late in the day could have proved costly for ever consistent Mick Morley.  Still he finished with a hard earned 10lb 11oz while Justin Randall was third on 5lb 10oz. 

The draw for any fishing match is critical and today’s event was no exception.  While Peak, Morley and Randall took full advantage of the light wind that pushed the bigger fish to the eastern bank, those at the far end of the lake really struggled. 

To add to his victory, Eric Peak also picked up an additional £32 for winning from the golden peg.  Generously Eric donated a share of his prize in the form of a much needed weed rake. 

Summer League Match Four

Eric Peak 14lb 0oz, Mick Morley 10lb 11 oz, Justin Randall 5lb 10oz, Alan Crabb 3lb 3 oz, John Hodgson 1lb 9oz, Bob Bailey 15oz, Trevor Radley 2oz, Liam Crowley 2oz 

Summer League Grand Prix Standings

Eric Peak 28 pts, Mick Morley 25, Alan Crabb 18, Justin Randall 17, Bob Bailey 14, Danny Morley 14, John Hodgson11, Trevor Radley 3.5, Liam Crowley 1.5 

Irene Gudgeon Memorial Shield Aggregate Weights

Eric Peak 41lb 11oz, Mick Morley 28lb 3oz, Danny Morley 17lb 7oz, Alan Crabb 13lb 6oz, Justin Randall 12lb 8oz, Bob Bailey 10lb 8oz, John Hodgson 3lb 13oz, Trevor Radley 2oz, Liam Crowley 2oz 

Peak Peformance 

After finishing runner-up more times than he cares to remember, veteran Eric Peak finally topped the rostrum after a convincing win the third match of the Summer Series. 

In tricky conditions on Duffield lake, the Pakefield-based angler used all his experience to return a creditable 20lb 13oz, well clear of his nearest rival Bob Bailey who finished on 10lb 12oz. 

Many of the leading contenders struggled to make an impression including tournament leader Mick Morley who only returned a modest 2lb 7ozs leaving him well down the pecking order in fifth place. 

Spare a thought for luckless Trevor Radley who, after ten hours of fishing, has yet to catch a fish, leading some of his more uncharitable colleagues asking the question what bait does he use – or more precisely does he use bait all!! 

Still likeable Trevor always takes disappointment in his stride and with a smile on his face.  No doubt he’ll be back for the next match which takes place on Saturday 1 July. 

Peak’s stellar performance saw him leapfrog Mick Morley in both Grand Prix and Irene Duffield memorial standings.  With Bob Bailey showing good form and Danny Morley expected to resume his campaign next time round, the Summer Series promised to go down to the wire. 

Summer League 2017 Match Three

Eric Peak 20lb 13oz, Bob Bailey 10lb 12oz, Alan Crabb 10lb 6oz, Justin Randall 2lb 14oz, Mick Morley 2lb 7oz, John Hodgson 1lb 1oz, Trevor Radley – nil return 

Summer League Grand Prix Latest Standings

Eric Peak 19 pts, Mick Morley 18, Danny Morley 14, Alan Crabb 13, Justin Randall 11, Bob Bailey 11, John Hodgson 7, Trevor Radley 0 

Irene Duffield Memorial Shield Latest Standings (Aggregate Weights)

Eric Peak 27lb 11oz, Mick Morfley h17lb 8oz, Alkan Crabb 14lb 4oz, Bob bailey 12lb 7oz, Danny Morley 10lb 8oz, Justin Randall 6lb 14oz, John Hodgson 2lb 4oz, Trevor Radley nil 

Like Father Like Son 

Last year both the Summer and Winter League was dominated by one man, Mick Morley.  But at last the King has been dethroned – by his son! 

Making his first appearance in the six match series, Danny Morley beat Dad Mick by just five ounces as the pair dominated the opening event.

While Morley senior adopted his now familiar approach of targeting skimmer and small roach, 34  fish in all, son Danny edged it with a couple of bigger carp. 

That’s the joy of PCFLA matches where one good fish could win the day. 

There was a tight battle for the minor places with Justin Randall finishing third overall, with 3lb 8oz, just two ounces ahead of Angling Trust coach Eric Peak. 

Newcomer Bob Bailey worked hard for a modest 7oz return but it was another debutant Danny Morley who not only won the match but took the Glenn Duffield Cup, in memory of one of the lakes’ founder members.

Summer League Match One

Danny Morley 8lb 0oz, Mick Morley 7lb 11oz, Justin Randall 3lb 8oz, Eric Peak 3lb 6oz, Alan Crabb 2lb 4oz, John Hodgson 8oz, Bob Bailey 7oz, Trevor Radley 0oz 

Summer Grand Prix 

Danny Morley 9 pts, Mick Morley 7, Justin Randall 6, Eric Peak 5, Alan Crabb 4, John Hodgson 3, Bob Bailey 2, Trevor Radley 1