The Green Heart of Poringland


Morley Opens Up A Gap 

Sickness and family commitments reduced match three in the six match series to just eight competitors but once again the cream rose to the top in the form of ever consistent Mick Morley. 

The only angler to catch an elusive carp, the level one coach from Seething finished well clear of the field to set up a virtually unassailable lead in the aggregate weights chase for the Irene Gudgeon memorial shield.  And to cap a memorable day, Morley won on the golden peg, taking is daily winnings to a very acceptable £63. 

Meanwhile Bob Bailey’s good run of form continued, the Poringland-based angler just edging out Eric Peak by a mere two ounces, so keeping in touch with the grand prix leaders. 

Trevor Radley’s hopes leap-froging Morley and Peak at the top fo the GP leader board suffered a setback when he lost two really good carp, one very late in the day. 

The summer League has now produced three different winners (Radley, Peak and Morley).  Not surprisingly it’s those three who lead the standings; however with three matches still to go it really is everything to play for. 

Summer Series Grand Prix Standings

Mick Morley 13lb 15oz, Bob Bailey 5lb 4oz, Eric Peak 5lb 2oz, Alan Crabb 4lb 6oz, John Hodgson 2lb 6oz, Trevor Radley 2lb 5oz, Jonny Causton 1lb 14oz, Frank Whiting 13oz 

Summer League 2018 – Standings

Mick Morley 28, Eric Peak 23, Trevor Radley 22, Bob Bailey 20, Justin Randall 16, Ryan Westgarth 14, Alan Crabb 13, John Hodgson 10, Liam Crowley 7, Jonny Causton 4, Frank Whiting 3 

Irene Gudgeon Memorial Shield (Aggregate Weights)                   

Mick Morley 40lb 12oz, Trevor Radley 25lb 13oz, Eric Peak 17lb 14oz, Ryan Westgatrh 17lb 5oz, Bob Bailey 14lb 0oz, Justin Randall 13lb 9oz, Alan Crabb 6lb 5oz, John Hodgson 3lb 13oz, Jonny Causton 2lb 2oz, Frank Whiting 15oz, Liam Crowley 12oz 

Peak Back on Pole

After a disappointing showing in the opening event of the six match Summer League series, Pakefield veteran Eric Peak was back to his best, heading a ten man field on another difficult day on Gudgeon.

A sweltering hot day with temperatures in the mid twenties, a cloudless sky and a  burning sun made conditions far from ideal but experienced Peak winkled out a mixed bag to edge out arch rival Mick Morley by less than a pound.

Adopting his usual ploy of little and lots, Morley finished runner-up for the second successive event, a result which saw him leapfrog to the top of the points and aggregate weights tables.

Justin Randall and Trevor Radley both had a decent day, keeping them in contention in the points race, in fact the chase for the grand prix is wide open, just three points separating the top four contenders. 

Further down the order, Bob Bailey weighed in 4lb 6oz, which was identical to his tally in the opening match.  The next match takes place on Duffield Lake on Saturday 2 June when again it’s all to play for.  

Summer Series Match Two
Eric Peak 10lb 0oz, Mick Morley 9lb 2oz, Justin Randall 8lb 0oz, Trevor Radley 5lb 8oz, Bob Bailey 4lb 6oz, Ryan Westgarth1lb 12oz, Liam Crowley 7oz, Alan Crabb 6oz, John Hodgson 4oz, Frank Whiting 2oz.

Summer League Grand Prix Standings

Mick Morley 19, Trevor Radley 19, Eric Peak 17, Justin Randall 16, Ryan Westgarth 14, Bob Bailey 13, Alan Crabb 8, Liam Crowley 7, John Hodgson 6, Jonny Causton 2, Frank Whiting 2 

Irene Gudgeon Memorial Shield (Aggregate Weights)

Mick Morley 26lb 13oz, Trevor Radley 23lb 8oz, Ryan Westgarth 17lb 5oz, Justin Randall 13lb 9oz, Eric Peak 12lb 12oz, Bob Bailey 8lb 12oz, Alan Crabb 1lb 15oz, John Hodgson 1lb 7oz, Liam Crowley 12oz, Jonny Causton 4oz, Frank Whiting 2oz

RadleyTakes Duffield Memorial

Trevor Radley continued his good form by winning the opening match of the 2018 Summer League, taking the Glenn Duffield memorial cup in the process.  It was his fourth successive podium and his second victory in four outings.

Another good turnout meant that the 11 strong entry had to be divided into two groups, eight fishing Noble and three on Gudgeon.  The match resulted in one of the most keenly contested yet with less than three pounds separating the top three.

In contrast to the Winter League when bites were at a premium, the Duffield memorial produced some good weights, primarily of carp and quality bream, indeed all of Radley’s winning bag consisted of bream in the four pound bracket with not a carp in sight!

Ever consistent Mick Morley finished just short of the line, only five ounces separating him and Trevor Radley while head bailiff Ryan Westgarth enjoyed his best ever match, finishing third overall.  In fact had he not lost two sizeable carp in the last half hour, the level one coach could have scooped the honours and £45 for fishing on the golden peg.

Winter series winner Eric Peak struggled in the new season opener finishing mid table but he did have the consolation of netting a handsome crucian carp weighing in at 1lb 5oz.

The opening match of the summer season traditionally hosts the Glenn Duffield memorial cup in memory of one of the lakes founding trustees who died in June 2014.  Fittingly the third staging has now seen three different winners, Trevor Radley, Justin Randall and Danny Morley who was unable to defend his title because of business commitments.

Summer League Match One

Trevor Radley 18lb 0oz, Mick Morley 17lb 11oz, Ryan Westgarth 15lb 9oz, Justin Randall 5lb 9oz, Bob Bailey 4lb 6oz, Eric Peak 2lb 12oz, Alan Crabb 1lb 9oz, John Hodgson 1lb 3oz, Liam Crowley 5oz, Jonny Causton 4oz, Frank Whiting nil return