The Green Heart of Poringland


Maiden Win in New Season Opener

The first match in the Summer League series produced an unexpected result.  Once again the Peak, Radley, Morley combination were well to the fore but this time all three were eclipsed by a stunning performance from newcomer Colin Hinsley.

Making his first ever appearance in a Poringland Lakes’ match and sporting his distinctive trademark brown Safari hat, an attire almost as famous as Bob Nudd’s white cap, the Upper Stoke matchman capitalised on the fancied black pipe swim in Gudgeon, decimating the field with a 32 pound plus tally which included celebrity common, Tango, weighing in at healthy 12lb 15oz.

Surprisingly, despite their dominance in Poringland Lakes matches, neither Mick Morley nor Eric Peak, have ever won the Summer League opener for the Glenn Duffield memorial cup which also went to Colin Hinsley.

If this performance is anything to go by, the popular Hinsley could be the first to break the Mick Morley/Eric Peak monopoly as he certainly got his Summer League campaign off to a flying start.  

Still, with five matches to go, it remains all to play for but the inclusion of Hinsley and big fish expert Matt Charlton joining the usual regulars, the Summer League promises to be a fascinating competition this year.

Summer League Match One

Colin Hinsley 32lb 9oz, Eric Peak 18lb 9oz, Trevor Radley 12lb 13oz, Mick Morley 11lb 5oz, Alan Crabb 5lb 8oz, Justin Randall 4lb 1oz, Bob Bailey 2lb 14oz, Jonny Causton 2lb 5oz, Matt Charlton 1lb 13oz, John Hodgson 12oz, Liam Crowley 1oz

Summer League Grand Prix

Colin Hinsley 12pts, Eric Peak 10, Trevor Radley 9, Mick Morley 8, Alan Crabb 7, Justin Randall 6, Bob Bailey 5, Jonny Causton 4, Matt Charlton 3, John Hodgson 2, Liam Crowley 1