The Green Heart of Poringland


Five Star Mick

Series leader Mick Morley turned in another five star performance to easily take the match, series and aggregate weight title. 

Fishing one of the fancied pegs on the Glenn Duffield lake, Morley bagged the two biggest fish of the day, a 2lb 15oz and 2lb 3oz carp to take his overall catch to a respectable 11lb, well clear of the rest of the field. 

Morley underlined his superiority by winning the fifth consecutive match, his only reversal coming in the opening event when he was beaten by match rookie John Hodgson. 

On another difficult day, punctuated by early morning rain, the rest of the field really struggled.  Eric Peak bagged a couple of nice tench to take his final weight to 2lb 15oz, good enough for second place.  However it could have been a much different outcome had Peak managed to land a ‘double’ which he hooked but lost late on in the day. 

Despite catching nine fish, Trevor Radley weighed in a modest 2lb 3oz, good enough for third place while Alan Crabb’s miserable series continued, returning exactly 1lb. 

Without doubt, the busiest angler was John Hodgson who banked 26 fish totalling 4ozs!  Yes 4ozs! 

Good friends, Justin Randall and Phil Ginn, had a nightmare day.  Drawn at the far end of Duffield under the sand wall, neither managed to catch a fish. 

After losing out in the first match, magical Mick Morley totally dominated the whole series, a fact duly acknowledged by his rivals who gave the Mundham man a resounding round of applause as the trophies were presented. 

Winter League Match Six

Mick Morley 11lb 0oz, Eric Peak 2lb 15oz, Trevor Radley 2lb 3oz, Alan Crabb 1lb 0oz, John Higson 4oz, Justin Randall 0oz, Phil Ginn 0oz 

Winter League Grand Prix

Mick Morley 41 points, Trevor Radley 23.5, Eric Peak 23, John Hodgson 18, Alan Crabb 17, Justin Randall 9.5, Paul Bonham 3.5, Harry Harrison 3, Phil Ginn 0.5

Irene Gudgeon Memorial Shield (aggregate weights)

Mick Morley 50lb 2oz, Trevor Radley 15lb 9oz, John Hodgson 14lb 5oz, Eric Peak 14lb 0oz, Alan Crabb 9lb 9oz, Justin Randall 5lb 9oz, Paul Bonham 2lb 2oz, Harry Harrison 12oz, Phil Ginn 0oz                       

Four in a Row for Morley

Mick Morley has extended his winning run by notching his fourth Winter League victory in a row.

Adopting his tried and tested method of targeting smaller fish, Mick caught 46 tiddlers to take his final tally to 5lb 9 ozs, well clear of his closest rival Trevor Radley.

For a time, Radley headed the field, thanks to a sizeable tench and bream but the bites dried up for more than an hour allowing the ever busy Morley to over haul him.

Meanwhile, alone at the far end of Gudgeon, Eric Peak quietly put together a useful bag of skimmers and little roach to finish third overall on 1lb 12 ozs.

The rest of the small field again struggled for bites.  Using a pole for the first time, Justin Randall put the session down to experience while John Hodgson couldn’t repeat the sparkling form that saw his win the opening round.  

Organiser Alan Crabb’s luck has really deserted him in this series.  Very productive when pleasure fishing, netting fish after fish, for some unexplained reason, Alan has really struggled in these matches.

With one match remaining, Morley’s win has assured him as series winner and new holder of the Irene Gudgeon memorial shield for aggregate top weight but there is a battle royal going on behind him in the grand prix with Trevor Radley, Eric Peak, John Hodgson and Alan Crabb all vying for a podium spot.

Winter League Match Five

Mick Morley 5lb 9oz,Trevor Radley 4lb 4oz, Eric Peak 1llb 12oz, Justin Randall 14oz, Alan Crabb 10oz, John Hodgson 5oz

Winter League Series Grand Prix Points

Mick Morley 33, Trevor Radley 18.5, Eric Peak 17, John Hodgson 15, Alan Crabb 13, Justin Randall 9, Paul Bonham 3, Harry Harrison 3  

Irene Gudgeon Memorial Shield (aggregate weights)

Mick Morley 39lb 2oz, John Hodgson 14lb 1oz, Trevor Radley 13lb 6oz, Eric Peak 10lb 1oz, Alan Crabb 8lb 9oz, Justin Randall 5lb 9oz, Paul Bonham 2lb 2oz, Harry Harrison 12oz   

Hat-Trick Mick

On a dank and dreary January day, five intrepid anglers braved challenging conditions to compete in Winter League match four.

Once again, the match followed the now predictable format, series leader Mick Morley notching the biggest fish of the day, a 3lb 10oz carp, to boast his overall tally to a match-winning 7lb 1oz bag.  It was Morley’s third successive victory in the six match series which puts the Brooke clubman in a virtually unassailable position.

Friends and arch rivals, Trevor Radley and Alan Crabb continued their series-long battle, Radley coming out on top this time round with 5lb 1oz against Crabb’s 4lb 6oz.  It would have been a very different outcome for organiser Alan who lost a really good carp which, had he managed to land it, would have seen him finish top of the tree.

Pakefield-based Eric Peak set the early pace, taking tiddler after tiddler on the shallow shelf in Duffield but was forced to change tactics after seeing his rivals bagging the bigger fish.

Meanwhile, John Hodgson, winner of the opening match, struggled to master his newly purchased pole.  Despite drawing the fancied corner peg, John could only manage a solitary perch.

While Mick Morley has all but sealed the winter series, the race for the minor places is really hotting up with just two match points separating the next four positions.

Winter League Match Four

Mick Morley 7lb 1oz, Trevor Radley 5lb 1oz, Alan Crabb 4lb 6oz, Eric Peak 6oz, John Hodgson 1oz

Winter League Latest Positions

Mick Morley 26, John Hodgson 14, Trevor Radley 13.5, Eric Peak 13, Alan CRabb 11, Justin Randall 6, Paul Bonham 3.5, Harry Harrison 3

Irene Gudgeon Memorial (aggregate weights)

Mick Morley 33lb 9oz, John Hodgson 13lb 12oz, Trevor Radley 9lb 2oz, Eric Peak 8lb 5oz, Alan Crabb 7lb 15oz, Justin Randall 4lb 110z, Paul Bonham 2lb 2oz, Harry Harrison 12oz   

Match Four Gets the Green Light

Fears that match four in the Winter League series may have to be cancelled because of adverse weather conditions have been allayed. 

Plummeting temperatures over the past few days have seen the lakes covered in a thin layer of ice but with warmer weather expected over the weekend, organisers are optimistic that the match will go ahead as planned.

Today’s break in the wintery weather saw league leaders Mick Morley and John Hodgson honing their skills on Duffield, the lake earmarked for Saturday’s event.

Morley has already built up a handsome lead in the six match series.  A win on Saturday could see the league all but sown up.  Hodgson on the other hand will need to be at his best as he sees off the emerging challenge from ever-improving Eric Peak as the pair vie for the rostrum places.

Set up is at 8am with the match itself taking place between 9am and 2pm.  

Back-to-Back Wins for Mick Morley

Star angler Mick Morley has done it again!  The Mundham-based rod took top spot in yesterday’s Winter League match, his successive victory in the series.

Once again the small field found conditions difficult with the ability to catch the slightly bigger fish the deciding factor.  While ever consistent Mick Morley led the way, Eric Peak took second place ahead of match rookie John Hodgson.

The ‘big three’ are starting to pull away in both the points and aggregate weight sections.  Meanwhile there is a battle royal going on further down the tree where good mates and keen rivals Alan Crabb and Trevor Radley are separated by just once ounce in the Irene Gudgeon Memorial.

Winter League Match Three

Mick Morley 5lb 5oz, Eric Peak 3lb 6oz, John Hodgson 2lb 10oz, Alan Crabb 14oz, Trevor Radley 4oz 

Winter League Points Standing 

Mick Morley 20, John Hodgson 13, Eric Peak 11, Trevor Radley 9.5, Alan Crabb 8, Justin Randall 6, Paul Bonham 3.5, Harry Harrison 3

Irene Gudgeon Memorial Shield (aggregate weights)

Mick Morley 26lb 8oz, John Hodgson 13lb 11oz, Eric Peak 7lb 15oz, Justin Randall 4lb 11oz, Alan Crabb 3lb 9oz, Trevor Radley 3lb 8oz, Paul Bonham 2lb 2oz, Harry Harrison 12oz 

Matchmen Consolation

Anglers struggling for bites during the winter league matches can take some consolation from a recent match held on the River Thurne at Potter Heigham.

39 of the region’s top rods contested the Norwich and District Anglers Association  winter league match.  The winner only weighed in 2lb 14oz while second place was shared by two anglers, each returning a miniscule 2ozs.  The remaining anglers all blanked.

Not surprisingly the pitifully low returns hit the angling press, so perhaps the regulars at Poringland don’t do so bad after all!

Morley Back on Pole

On a cold and damp Autumn morning, the second match in the winter league series took place on Gudgeon lake with seven participants taking up the challenge.

The fishing was slow but local matchman Mick Morley notched the biggest fish of the day, a pristine common carp of 8lb, pushing his total catch to 11lb 10oz and first place.

A sudden drop in overnight temperatures saw the rest of the field struggle.  Pakefield-based Eric Peak worked hard for his 3lb 8oz tally while Trevor Radley put the disappointment of previous outings behind him to finish on the rostrum for the first time.  

It was a tough day too for series leader John Hodgson who struggled to catch.  Spare a thought too for Justin Randall who notched 28lb 14oz just a couple of matches ago but on a difficult November day, fishing the feeder, failed to get a bite! 

One of the joys of these matches, particularly in the winter, is that results can turn with just one good fish – as proved last time round for John Hodgson and again today for Mick Morley.

Winter League Match Two Result: 

Mick Morley 11lb 10oz, Eric Peak 3lb 8oz, Trevor Radley 1lb 2oz, Alan Crabb 14oz, Harry Harrison 12oz, John Hodgson 11oz, Justin Randall blank  

Winter League Grand Prix (after two matches): 

Mick Morley 14 pts, John Hodgson 10, Trevor Radley 8.5, Eric Peak 7, Justin Randall 6, Alan Crabb 6, Paul Bonham 3.5, Harry Harrison 3 

Irene Gudgeon Memorial Shield (aggregate weights): 

Mick Morley 20lb 13oz, John Hodgson 11lb 1oz, Justin Randall 4lb 11oz, Eric Peak 4lb 9oz, Trevor Radley 3lb 4oz, Alan Crabb 2lb 7oz, Paul Bonham 2lb 2oz, Harry Harrison 12oz 

Hodgson’s Choice

Early morning drizzle followed by heavy rain showers failed to dampen the enthusiasm of the hardy band of anglers contesting the first of six winter series matches on the Ray Noble lake.  

Once again bites were hard to come by for the majority but John Hodgson (pictured below), a newcomer to the village, rose to the occasion finishing with a weight of 10lb 6 oz.

Fishing his first match since 1988, John concentrated on the carp, a winning formula that saw him edge out ever consistent Mick Morley who finished second with a mixed bag of silver fishing totalling 9lb 3oz.  Third spot went to Justin Randall who managed to catch two fish on the feeder weighing 4lb 11 oz.

Even the best match anglers struggled, established matchmen Alan Crabb and Eric Peak managing less than three pounds of fish between them!

Winter League Match OnE

John Hodgson 10lb 6oz, Mick Morley 9lb 3oz, Justin Randall 4lb 11oz, Paul Bonham 2lb 20z, Trevor Radley 2l 2oz, Alan Crabb 1lb 9oz, Eric Peak 1lb 1oz.

Winter League Positions

John Hodgson 8 pts, Mick Morley 6, Justin Randall 5, Paul Bonham 3.5, Trevor Radley 3.5, Alan Crabb 2, Eric Peak 1.  

Winter League Series Launched  

Following the success of the Summer League series, it has been agreed to hold a corresponding Winter League with matches taking place on  Saturday 8 October, Saturday 5 November, Saturday 3 December, Saturday 7 January, Saturday 4 February and Saturday 4 March - subject of course to the weather!  

The draw for all matches will be held at 8am with the matches taking place between 9am and 2pm  As before, these matches will be restricted to season ticket holders only and their invited guests.  The series will include a grand prix style competition as well as the six individual matches.  

“The summer matches have proved popular especially with those who haven’t fished a match before as members can have a go in a relaxed atmosphere amongst friends” said organiser Alan Crabb.  

“Following the success of the summer series, a Winter League seemed a natural progression” he added.  

If you would like to compete in any of these matches or want further information about the events, please contact Alan on 01508 538406 or email him at alanashley60@yahoo.co.uk