The Green Heart of Poringland


Hinsley Shows No Signs of Waning

Colin Hinsley’s purple patch shows no sign of waning.

Hot on the heels of his success in the Water Board National and last weekend’s social match, Hinsley was in good form again on Saturday when he won the second match in the winter league series.

Fished in dreadful conditions with driving rain and gale force winds, Hinsley still managed a 20lb plus bag, almost exclusively of quality roach, on Gudgeon.  The win jetted him to the top of the Irene Gudgeon Memorial for aggregate weights and brought him within touching distance of series leader Mick Morley.

The Mundham ace turned another another solid performance to finish second ahead of third placed Bob Bailey who caught the biggest fish of the day, a 6lb carp.

The outcome of the winter series could well rest on competitors’ availability. Winner of match one, Liam Crowley, was unavailable because of work commitments.  Unfortunately Colin Hinsley can’t make the December match which could open the door for his main rival Mick Morley.

Winter League Match Two

Colin Hinsley 20lb 3oz, Mick Morley 15lb 3oz, Bob Bailey 9lb 7oz, Trevor Radley 7lb 7oz, Alan Crabb 6lb 7oz, Justin Randall 3lb 11oz, Eric Peak 3lb 8oz

Winter League Grand Prix

Mick Morley 14pts, Colin Hinsley 12, Liam Crowley 10, Bob Bailey 8, Alan Crabb 8, Eric Peak 8, Matt Charlton 6, Trevor Radley 4, Justin Randall 3, John Hodgson 2

Irene Gudgeon Memorial (aggregate weights)

Colin Hinsley 22lb 12oz, Mick Morley 21lb 13oz, Liam Crowley 13lb 4oz, Bob Bailey 10lb 8oz, Alan Crabb 10lb 5oz, Eric Peak 8lb 2oz, Trevor Radley 7lb 7oz, Justin Randall 4lb 7oz, Matt Charlton 4lb 1oz, John Hodgson 14oz

Crowley Wins After Whirlwind Start

Norwich based angler Liam Crowley made a whirlwind start in the first match of the Winter League series.  In the first hour he netted several small carp between two and three pounds to set the foundation for a comfortable victory.

Traditionally in matches on Noble, the west bank seems to hold the bigger fish and once again this proved to be the case.  However overall weights were disappointing, leaving organiser Alan Crabb to suggest that the lake needs to be stocked with more fish.

“There are lots of small carp in Noble but the density of bigger fish seems much lower than in the other two lakes” said Crabb following the match.

Mick Morley and Eric Peak continued their rivalry by finishing second and third respectively ahead of Matt Charlton.

Winter League Match One

Liam Crowley 13lb 4oz, Mick Morley 6lb 10oz, Eric Peak 4lb 10oz, Matt Charlton 4lb 1oz, Alan Crabb 3lb 14oz, Colin Hinsley 2lb 9oz, Bob Bailey 1lb 1oz, John Hodgson 14oz, Justin Randall 12oz

Grand Prix Points

Liam Crowley 10pts, Mick Morley 8, Eric Peak 7, Matt Charlton 6, Alan Crabb 5, Colin Hinsley 4, Bob Bailey 3, John Hodgson 2, Justin Randall 1

Winter Fixtures Unveiled

Details have been released for the 2019 Winter League series.  This year the number of matches will be reduced from six to five events encompassing the usual points grand prix and aggregate weights trophy.  The dates and venues are:

5 October 2019         Noble

2 November 2019    Gudgeon

7 December 2019    Duffield

4 January 2020        Noble

1 February 2020       Gudgeon 

The trustees have given permission to introduce a number of social fishing matches during the winter months.  These will run as individual events as opposed to the traditional grand prix series.

“This is usually a quiet time of year” said organiser Alan Crabb. “So the additional matches should not impact on other anglers.  In extreme weather conditions, one lake may be fishable when another is frozen over, so on some occasions we need to make a snap decision to change a venue” he added. 

The social matches will be held on:

26 October 2019       Duffield

16 November 2019  Noble

21 December 2019  Gudgeon

18 January 2020      Duffield

15 February 2020    Noble

21 March 2020         Gudgeon