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Safe Return to Fishing - Additional Fishing Rules re Covid-19

As a result of the Government's decision to ease the current coronavirus restrictions and to allow a degree of 'controlled' fishing, in accordance with Government regulations and Angling Trust recommendations the following rules have been introduced to safeguard the health and wellbeing anglers and visitors alike.

·      Angling to be undertaken on a solitary basis – social distancing must be applied

·      No sharing of fishing tackle or any other items

·      No sharing of swims except by members of the same household

·      No angler to fish within 15m of any other angler

·      No keep nets or competition fishing

·      Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid-19 or shares a household with any individual displaying symptoms should not go fishing and should continue to follow Government advice on isolation

·      Fisheries unable to adhere to these guidelines should remain closed until further notice

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In addition, PCFLA has introduced the following supplementary rules to ensure everyone is safe and remains healthy:

·      Fishing will be restricted to season ticket holders only.  No day ticket visitors.  Please see rules below re children's fishing.

·      In addition to maintaining the 15m between swims rule, all anglers must also observe the two metre social distancing requirement and be considerate to other anglers, especially when entering, leaving or moving around the site to ensure a safe distance is always maintained.

·      The number of anglers allowed to fish will be restricted to 20 designated pegs as follows: Duffield (eight pegs), Gudgeon (seven pegs), Noble (five pegs).

·      Each peg has been marked with a wooden stake. Only fish from a designated peg.

·      Only take sufficient gear for your immediate needs to make access/egress around the lakes more easy and avoid overcrowding bankside aprons.

·      In addition, please take care of your personal hygiene including the use of hand gel and remember to wash your hands immediately you return home.

Children's Fishing

·      Season ticket holders can have one child under-16 fish with them

·      They must fish from the same peg

·      They must not wander round the site but stay with the parent at that peg

·      Any deviation from these additional rules will mean that the child cannot fish again until the restrictive measures are eased

It is emphasised that this concession applies to season ticket holders only.  Casual fishing, with or without children, is still not allowed. 

Please Note:

Both the national and local rules will be constantly reviewed.  Any changes will be published on the PCFLA official website www/poringlandlakes.co.uk