The Green Heart of Poringland


These insects belong to the order known as Odonata. 

It’s more than likely that whilst enjoying a day’s fishing the anglers amongst us will be well acquainted with these lively insects. 

Both dragonflies and damselflies can be readily seen patrolling any water bodies and their whole life story can be witnessed in just one day. From the males chasing away any rivals to the egg-laying females visiting the aquatic vegetation. Both as larva and adult, they feed on smaller insects than themselves and could be of benefit to us all by keeping the less-friendly biting insects under control. 

Of the some 40 species to be found in Britain, of which about 15 have already been seen at the Lakes, those listed include the relatively rare Norfolk Hawker. In the past the small conservation pond proved to be an excellent breeding spot for the Brown Hawker. 

Photographs to help with the identification of these insects can be found in the two albums stored on the Poringland Lake’s Facebook pages.

Photographs courtesy of Nick Elsey