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CAST Awards Presented to Kingfisher Juniors

The Kingfishers’ season ended on a high note when the youngsters were awarded their CAST certificates.

CAST awards have been developed by the Angling Trust to support, reward and recognise the standards of all anglers across England.

They a series of progressive steps to enable anglers to strive to meet their full potential and go from starter level to level six, enabling anglers in all disciplines to develop at their own pace but with the recognition of their efforts at each stage.

“This is a great award which students can work towards to achieve and complete each level giving them greater confidence and knowledge in the sport” explained  coach Mark Casto.

“All junior members have obtained CAST starter and level one awards which will help all our junior members to develop their angling skills even further” he added.

"The youngsters have really applied themselves and should be extremely proud of their efforts to achieve this national accreditation.”

Girls Allowed

“Fishing is not just a boy's sport, so come on you girls, join us!  We already have four girls signed up to the club and would welcome more” said coach Mark Casto.

"So come on girls – show the boys how it should be done!" 

Kingfisher Club Officially Launched

Poringland Lakes’ Kingfisher Club, exclusively for 8 to 15 year olds, has been officially launched. 

The exciting new venture was unveiled by coach Mark Casto at the Association’s annual general meeting at Poringland Community Centre on Sunday.  It follows as a natural progression from the highly successful Family Fishing Fun Days that the Association held last year. 

Club members will receive lots of tips and advice on how to get the best out of their fishing.  They will also receive a club badge, membership card and club handbook.

Best of all, the tackle and bait is all provided for you! 

Not only that but the Association has three fully trained Angling Trust coaches and trained angling volunteers who can teach you everything you need to know.  So if you love going fishing or just want to start for the first time, join the Poringland Lakes Kingfisher Club. 

Learn the best methods to catch fish, how to land them safely and handle  them properly. Pole fishing, feeder fishing, float fishing, we can teach you all you need to know to be a better angler. Tying hooks, making up float rigs, mixing ground bait and selecting the right fishing tackle for the job and most important having a great time and enjoying catching fish in a safe and well run club for junior anglers.

Sounds good? Here's how to join... 

Places will be limited, with priority to those from the local area and surrounding parishes. So don't leave it too late. 

Parents can secure membership for  you by sending an email asking to join to thefishwasbig@gmail.com.                

Mystery Benefactor Boosts Junior Club

A mystery benefactor has generously gifted the Lakes a substantial cash sum to launch the new junior Kingfisher Club.

The anonymous gift could be spent on whatever the club felt necessary, the only provisio being that the benefactor wishes to remain anonymous.

“This is a wonderful gesture” said Association chairman John Overton.  “It will certainly enable us to increase opportunities for local youngsters to take up the sport” enthused John.

Kingfishers off to a Flying Start 

The first member has joined the newly formed Kingfisher Club - even before the club has been officially launched!

Club coordinator Mark Casto has been running coaching sessions with young Darcy Palmer who has taken to the sport – well, like a fish to water!

“I had a very rewarding coaching session with young Darcy today” explained Mark.  “This was the fourth lesson of a four-part course on an introduction to pole fishing and he has really worked hard to get his certificate and complete all four lessons.  

“In this last lesson he had to demonstrate all that he had learned and he did really well. I was very proud of him and so was his godfather Lloyd.  

“Darcy was really pleased with himself too and that was such a pleasure for me as his coach to see him making such good progress” enthused Mark.

Following the last session, Darcy was presented with his certificate and Kingfisher club badge as its first member.  If you would like to learn more about coaching at Poringland Lakes, please contact Mark on 01502 476842 (home), 07709 556173 (mobile) or email at thefishwasbig@gmail.com.      

Fishing Experience Wanted!

Organisers of next year's Family Fishing Fun Days and Kingfisher Club are asking for volunteers with even a basic knowledge or experience of fishing to help out.

Ten dates have been set aside on selected Wednesdays and Saturday mornings, primarily aimed at encouraging youngsters under-16 to take up the sport.

Organisers explained "Following the success of this year's Family Fishing Fun Days, we are repeating the programme again next year and also launching the Kingfisher Club.  We really need a few more extra hands to help out, so we are looking for anyone with fishing experience who would be willing to give up a few mornings to assist the coaches and the youngsters."

Some initial training and vetting will be required. On Family Fishing Days, the youngsters will be accompanied by their parents or other responsible adult. However on Kingfisher Club dates, the youngsters will be unaccompanied so it will be necessary to have all the necessary safeguards in place including formal Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, which will be paid for by PCFLA.

Family Fishing Day helpers will also have to be trained and accredited by the Angling Trust.  “All the sessions will be supervised by properly trained Angling Trust coaches. This may sound a bit bureaucratic but given current events is absolutely necessary."

If anyone is interested in helping out and encouraging the next generation of anglers, please email thefishwasbig@gmail.com.

Kingfisher Club Launched

Poringland Lakes has unveiled an exciting new initiative to recruit and retain more youngsters into the sport.

Following the tremendous success of the Family Fishing Fun Days, the junior academy, known at the Kingfisher Club, will be launched next summer, exclusively for youngsters under the age of 16.

Five Saturday morning dates are planned and club members will be expected to attend most sessions.

The sessions will include a variety of practical exercises including the basics of setting up float rings, shotting, tying hooks etc as well as lots of fishing on the lakes.  

All the sessions are to be kept at a basic level to allow for youngsters to gain new skills and for the coaches and volunteers to assess their angling abilities. Further coaching lessons will be available for everyone by booking in with the coaches.

Sessions will be supervised by Angling Trust approved coaches supported by Poringland Lakes’ own Trust-trained fishing champions.

Although the new club will be officially launched in the New Year, youngsters interested in joining can express an interest by emailing thefishwasbig@gmail.com.

Please keep clicking back on this page for more information and details in the coming weeks.