The Green Heart of Poringland


Facebook Site Continues to Grow 

Poringland Lakes sister Facebook site continues to grow. 

Latest figures confirm that the Association site has 211 regular followers, all keen to read about the latest happenings at Poringland Lakes. 

Originally set up by local naturalist Nick Elsey, in conjunction with the PCFLA, as a way to exchanging wildlife sightings and news, today the main focus is on fishing. 

However, the number of visitors suggests that the page attracts a wide cross section of the community, all interested in what’s going on at the lakes. 

The site is administered by Jonny Causton and John Hodgson who have responsibility for its content. 

If you didn't know Poringland Lakes had a Facebook page or may not have visited the site of late, click on https://www.facebook.com/groups/736776893036958/ 

Hopefully you will find it interesting. 

Poringland Lakes on Facebook

Did you know that Poringland Lakes has a ‘sister site’ on Facebook?

The site allows readers to post their own news, stories and photos.

Take a look at https://www.facebook.com/groups/736776893036958/ or simply search for Poringland Lakes and add to your favourites.

Poringland Past and Present 

One site local residents shouldn’t miss is the excellent Poringland Archive website.  Packed with historical photos and memories, the site also includes the history of local villages as well as Poringland. 

While you are browsing http://www.poringlandarchive.co.uk/ , click on the ‘Poringland’ link and then the ‘Hillside’ tab where you will see some superb photos of Poringland Lakes, past and present.