The Green Heart of Poringland


With more visitors than ever visiting Poringland Lakes either for fishing or a quiet stroll, occasionally people lose something or stumble across something others have inadvertently left behind

Down the years we have found a variety of items, so we thought it would be useful to open a 'Lost and Found' page.  Items can be claimed, giving a suitable description, by emailing secretary@poringlandlakes.co.uk

Sunken Pole – posted 28 May 2020

One of our unfortunate season ticket holders has lost his pole after it was dragged into Duffield when momentarily unattended.

Fortunately the fish quickly discarded to hook but after floating on the surface for a short time, the pole sunk without trace.

If any angler should hook it, perhaps when feeder fishing, please contact the secretary at secretary@poringlandlakes.co.uk.

Recent Finds

  • A pair on needle nose pliers have been found on the bank close to the seat peg in Duffield.
  • A micro bite alarm swinger which was dropped at the Noble gate.
  • A pair or reading glasses have been found on the grass apron of Gudgeon - Claimed
  • A bungee cord has also been left on the otter fence close to the main gate.